Part 2

Coursework, Part 2. Illustration 1 – Exercise 2.2: Spider diagrams.

Create a spider diagram for each of these words:

Seaside  Childhood  Angry  Festival

Writing down words associated with each theme appeared easy to begin with, however although some words were obvious, or came to mind straight away, my difficulties arose when thinking about how to expand. Sitting for a few minutes and delving into my personal experiences and memory, this difficulty appeared to become easier to visualise overcoming it. This allowed me to explore other words and try making connections between other words, which in turn, inspired me to create new ones. I wrote down objects, which led me to thinking about textures, and this also helped me develop ideas about colours. I found ‘Angry’ the hardest word to work with, this was the spider diagram I spent the most time thinking about. ‘Angry’ became slightly easier when I began thinking about events, such as Donald Trump becoming president, I then thought about how I felt emotionally and physically when this event took place and it stemmed from there which made this task a little simpler. I feel that if I was to do this task again, I would complete some Google searches, or use Pinterest to look at images, as I think this would help me to elaborate my ideas and expand my diagrams. I asked my wife to reel off what came into her mind when I read out each theme. Her words are written in red – mine in black. I was positively perplexed and intrigued by her responses, and it was interesting to see her approach and the surprising difference in our answers. My wife really looked into her own personal memories; specially childhood, and I found this uplifting and interesting. After completing this exercise, I can understand and value the use of a task like this, and I can see the positives in exploring themes in this way to help progress onto a step that follows.

exercise 2.2 image
exercise 2.2 image2
exercise 2.2 image3
exercise 2.2 image4


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