Part 2

Coursework, Part 2. Illustration 1 – Exercise 2.4: Making a moodboard.

The purpose for this exercise was to choose one of the words from the previous exercise and create a moodboard on a large sheet and to expand on the themes and ideas that I had already identified.

I needed to collect swatches of colour and texture or create my own to establish a palette of colours and repertoire of marks. It was also mentioned to Google some of the words and see what came from this and either print off or draw from some of the images that emerged. Also, to go through other books or magazines and take snippets of images, which have associations with my words and theme. Assemble these elements on my large sheet was the next step.

It is to be noted from the exercise brief: ‘You are not creating a piece that is a designed artefact in its own right. You don’t have to include words but may want to selectively incorporate some words into your moodboards as an aide-memoire. If you organise your content according to visual connections you may find that links and some nice surprises emerge This should lead to you being able to recognise or establish a hierarchy within your content’.


Starting this exercise, I decided to choose the word that I had used in the previous exercise: ‘Travel’. I began by completing a google search of the word ‘Travel’; and selecting the images file, I started to browse what pictures came up. I was pleased with the images that appeared from this search, as well as surprised with the vast amount of different topics connected to travel that arose. I printed various images off from this google search and out these aside. I then purchased a magazine; suitably named ‘Travel’ – a costly purchase of £4.20… FOR A MAGAZINE! Anyway, when I started to flick through to see what this magazine had to offer, the price wasn’t so bad, and by the end of tearing out pages for the irrelevant pile and keeping the images from pages for my ‘good to use’ pile – the substantial amount I had retrieved made it worth the while. At the end of this stage, I had a good amount of images related to my title. I was pleased, and found this starting point successful. I had managed to collect images referencing maps, animals, buildings, scenery, transport, roads, globes and signage.

Colour Palettes:

Colour palettes I found relatable from an online search:

Colour palettes created myself using lego bricks:

colour palette-1colour palette-2colour palette-3colour palette-4colour palette-5colour palette-group

I purchased two A3 ‘West Foam’ boards to complete this task on, and I progressed from my first step, by laying out all of the images I had collated, onto these boards to get an idea of colours, presentation and layout. Following this, I noticed that my boards looked messy and unstructured, and this would produce an unsuccessful result. Referring back to a few notes from the exercise brief: “You are not creating a piece that is a designed artefact in its own right” – This assisted my understanding that it didn’t need to be perfect, and if you analyse mood boards, they are normally fairly scattered and random. However, it was this point: “organise your content according to visual connections” that helped my development the most. From this information, I categorised my images into sections and topics. I then placed them in a grouped form onto the boards. At first this was unsuccessful as the boards were slightly unbalanced, but moving some topics onto the other board helped give a clear layout and visual engagement.

The physical aspect. Next I had to become more hands-on with this exercise – in terms of how I fixed these images to the boards and anything else I could incorporate. I decided to first look at the topic for which I had most images – maps. I placed them together on one side of the board and then came to a bit of a halt. How could I reinforce and convey the meaning of maps, and could I do this by including a different texture? After some time thinking, I remembered back to when I have travelled and been on holiday and also memories from when I was a child and would fix a map to the wall and place pins on places that I had visited and connect these using string. That was it! This idea reminds me of ‘classic’ travel and the traditional aspect to it was intensely engaging. I used gold, round, flat-headed pins to fix the images and I created a random, zig-zag affect with the string and it looked marvellous! I loved the different textures and the affect it produced. I am extremely proud of this aspect and I think it is really successful and a key part to my overall image.

travel zoom-2

Next, my task was to position one of my favourite images – and the title for my project: ‘Travel’. I was impressed by this image, as the word had been created by aspects that make up travel. I had already decided that this image needed to be central, so this is where I placed it. I then cut out one of the road images to enhance the shape, and it fit perfectly around the title giving it depth and visual impression. On this same board, I incorporated other road images, transport, scenery, signage and a globe. I used various different materials, such as: Pen, pencil, acrylic paint and ink. I also included texture, which I struggled with to start with, but benefited from. However, already having string,  I began to think about how I could best utilise this to create a visually stimulating image.

I visited Cardiff bay to check out ‘The Great Brick Safari’ exhibition which was a collection of giant animals made out of lego bricks. You can see about this trip in my exhibition section. The elephant, for example took 1,600 hours to build, stood at 2.5 metres tall and weighed in at 1.5 tonnes, also consisted of 271,739 lego bricks. Then it hit me… INSPIRATION! How successful would using lego bricks as an alternative texture work for my mood board? As a lego lover, I have a box full of bricks that were sat right in front of me.

To view my images from ‘The Great Brick Safari’


Within my moodboard, I included a few images of long winding or straight/flat roads – something you can envision in the outback, Australia. I scooped out a load of lego bricks, at random – all different colours, heights, width and shape. This allowed me to create a varied dimension and good texture. I tried my best to select colours that were close to the grey road and sandy desert colours. I essentially expanded the pictures out by using lego bricks. The idea was more successful than I originally thought it would be, however, scooping the bricks out at random didn’t give me a set of colours that would be consistent, so if I was to repeat this stage, I would focus on the colours.

travel zoom-1travel zoom-3

I have noticed after the completion of this moodboard that a running, common colour present in images of ‘Travel’ is Blue. I think this is because Blue is a familiar colour to everyone worldwide and is also associated with many ‘Travel’ aspects. Water is a common factor when people think about ‘Travel’, so branching off of water would be Blue. Below is my first completed moodboard:

Travel FINAL-1

Due to the fact that I found and collected so many images for my title, I decided to create another moodboard and see if I could present it slightly different, and potentially incorporate different aspects to create depth, dimension and an alternative visually stimulating board. The images I had collated for this board were a mixture of animals, culture, buildings and transport. Firstly I assembled the animal images on the board, and used pins to fix them down to continue the ‘pre-travel’ planning affect I was trying to create. The tear out image of Giraffes enabled me to continue the giraffe body and pattern which was something I hadn’t yet tested. To extend and give an alternate view to my Zebra image, I decided to create the stand out appearance of a Zebra using string and Black ink. I glued string onto the board to create those famous stripes, and then I used Windsor & Newton black ink to colour the strings, and then the white board intercepted the gaps to allow the affect to be visualised.

travel2 zoom-3

I only included a few images of transport, aside from the plane that I created out of  string and coloured with ink on my first board – the only images of transport I included, were also of the same type/style of transport: Caravans and Campervans. Looking back, I am disappointed with this choice I made, as transport is such a huge aspect of Travel and I can now think of many interesting ideas I could have made from this. However, I loved the images of the transport that I did include, as I feel they give a real insight to the scene that is set. I drew a rough outline of a caravan/campervan, keeping it really simple I just used black and ultramarine blue ink to add colour. If I was to change this at all, I think I may have added some forestry style trees, perhaps a fire and I would have splashed watercolour on the image to give it a more abstract feel, and I also think these points would have created a scene, as the print offs do.

travel2 zoom-1

An obvious characteristic of the title ‘Travel’ is the remarkable culture that exists around the world. My images which reference this topic consisted of food, people and places. My aim was to include a texture which would be symbolic of ‘Culture’. The process of thinking of what would symbolise Culture in a justifying way took a while, and in the meantime, I started to create a few buildings out of lego to portray my section of places and buildings. Eventually, after looking through a few of my cupboards, I found some spice packets. This idea, although seemingly random, and to start with questionably not suitable – actually gives my topic a distinguished, resourceful and authentic appeal. The texture of the spices, the variance in colour and the smell to me represented Culture in a beautifully inventive and unique visionary format. The success from the use of spices made my decision when including it to expand the colours, alongside ink of the elephant image.

travel2 zoom-2

The remaining two topics of my moodboard are buildings and scenery. To convey the meanings of how these topics are relevant to ‘Travel’, I decided to keep it simple, but textured by using lego. For scenery, I built a simple flower, and I created two colourful buildings to go with my other topic. Below is my second completed moodboard:

Travel FINAL-2









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