Part 2

Coursework, Part 2. Illustration 1 – Exercise 2.7: An objective drawing.

OBJECTIVE: Not influenced by personal feelings or opinions.

Select an item:

  • Shoe
  • Umbrella
  • Pair of trousers
  • Pair of glasses
  • Hat

As seen above, I have made the decision to choose the item: “Shoe”. I am a shoe lover, in particular trainers, I love various styles and materials so this was an intriguing and enjoyable item for me to conduct an objective drawing on.

Before exploring my shoe visually, I had to decide what shoe I was going to choose. After looking through my collection, I decided on an Adidas pair that i own as they are slightly different and provide lots of different materials and aspects. I took one shoe from the pair and began to analyse it. Various textures were present with this shoe. A stitched material providing a sock like feel as you slide it on, as well as rubber components and a soft strap which pulls over the top. This shoe is of top comfort and provides a sturdy base which is visually exciting due to the dotted pattern and striped indents towards the heel end of the shoe.

I initially drew my shoe in pencil on a sheet of A4 fine grain cartridge paper (acid free and 160gsm). I created an outline which was fairly simple, although creating the right shape for the back of the shoe took a few attempts. My next task was to focus on the lines needed to create sections within the shoe and to also add pattern to create texture and the correct visuals.

pencil shoe
Pencil Drawing

Finally, after completing the objective drawing of a shoe in pencil, I decided to go over the design in a Black Fine-liner. I used various size pens such as 0.5, 0.2, 0.1 and 0.05. My chosen pen was a water and fade proof, pigment ink ‘Uni Pin’ Fine-liner.

fineliner shoe
Black Fine-Liner Drawing

When creating this objective drawing, i had to remember that scale was important, as well as all the elements involved with the shoe, including texture. Analysing my shoe, I noted the dotted pattern on the sole of the shoe which was also visible around the side of the shoe, for this I recreated the dot work with a Fine-liner size of 0.1, I needed the dot work to convey an almost ‘grainy’ effect, and I think this shows well. The design of this shoe is meant for serious comfort, so the sole, although rubber, is extremely sturdy and substantial. Towards the heel end of the shoe, is the most chunky part of the shoe, and it also rises up above the sole, part way up the back of the shoe – protecting your heel. This section of the shoe has lined indents which are slightly darker to the rest of that component, I have demonstrated this creating sections and filling them with a thicker sized Black Fine-liner. I used a 0.5 Fine-liner for the outline of the shoe and a 0.2 for the dividing lines within the shoe. I created the strap which wraps over the shoe – arguably the most simple aspect of the shoe which also hides the laces. I shaded this part lightly with a 0.05 Fine-liner to block the section, but not to darken it too much as this would not represent the shoe accurately. I did the same for the toe section of the shoe on top. All other details of the shoe in my drawing replicate that of my shoe, darkened in areas appropriate and shaped in the correct manner. The most significant part of this shoe to me, is the ‘sock-like’ aspect. The main reason I love these shoes is due to the fact that the main role they are supposed to play, they do – effortlessly. Comfort. The comfort of this shoe is next to none, and I think the biggest contribution to this is the brilliantly constructed design of the shoe, in particular how they have used material for the section around the ankle, top of the foot and for the ‘tongue’ of the shoe. It is a knitted soft material, so this has been designed using mark-making techniques with a 0.1 Fine-liner. To create the ‘stitch’ and ‘knitted’ affect was difficult, but after some trial and error with types of mark-making, I came to a decision that I was pleased with.




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