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Coursework, Part 2. Illustration 1 – Exercise 2.9: Using Black and White.

Produce a line visual around one of these words:

  • Sea
  • Extraordinary
  • Building
  • Journey

For this task, I decided to produce a line visual around the word building. For the drawing I created, I decided to portray an old, rural style house that reminded me of one I used to see all the time when I was younger. It also replicated the style of a line drawing successfully.

I was unable to scan the image in, in order for it to fit into A3, as my printer is not adequate to facilitate this; so I scanned the image to fit into A4.

Using the invert function on my computer which turned the black lines to white, and the white background to black, I noticed that this function created an eerie, dark atmosphere and actually gave the character-filled house a different perspective.

Analysing the image that I had created and the affect that had arisen from using the invert function, allowed me to decided on how to collage certain parts of the black copy onto the white. My final decision was to keep this quite simple and minimalistic. Noting that an ‘eerie, dark atmosphere’ had appeared from creating the second image, I decided to place darkness where there should be light. For example, as seen in my final image below; where there would be light appearing from the door, windows and street lamp, I have portrayed darkness.




The focus in this final image now lies with the fact that something has changed the ‘norm’. Typically, this image; before the use of the invert function, would have displayed evidently where light should be coming from. However to adjust this, I completely flipped it, and created darkness where there should be light.

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